Release News 2.13.2009

Raif has composed numerous novels, screenplays and stage presentations. Raif's love for the urban life and its diverse cultures, along with his personal experiences in these communities, has been inculcated in several of his works. Raif has also created other fictional projects in various genres. These include his fascination of pirates and stories of adventure, some intended for children. Obviously the content geared for that age group needed a separate identity so he created projects intended for children and young adults as Xaak Doyle. (LINKS BELOW)
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On Friday the 13th, February 13 2009, the Thriller - Horror Release Subway Reaper: Tunnel Vision At Its Worst.

This novel by Raif Wolfe has been found by readers to be the most enjoyable, horrifying, no-nonsense thriller writing that entertained beyond expectations.

Subway Reaper

by Raif Wolfe
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